Happy Birthday and Happy Blog Birthday to me!

happy birthday

That’s right! I’m launching a blog on my birthday today! It’s like giving myself a gift! And with the incredible content on how to organize your digital photos that I plan to give you over the next 15 days, you’re getting an amazing gift too! At the end of these next two weeks together, it’ll be Valentine’s Day (February 14th) so let’s plan to celebrate your sweet success of organized digital photos by eating chocolate cake! Deal?

In the spirit of full honesty, I must confess that I will likely have my cake and eat it today too. After all, it would be sacrilegious not to enjoy a candle-adorned treat on your special day! Personally I’m more of a salty than sweet snack person, and if I go with sweet, it’d be a slightly warm fudgy brownie over a cake with frosting any day of the year. However, I feel obligated for the annual tradition, especially for the sake of my kids who get a kick out of the whole schtick. So just know I’ll be choking down a small chunk of cake sometime today. But in two weeks, I’m leaving all the cake for YOU and I’m sticking to a pan of brownies, k?

Let’s eat cake to celebrate! Especially in 15 days when your digital photos are organized!

In the past, I’ve blogged briefly for other specific situations (like when Oprah called me —no, REALLY, she DID!), but not consistently on a regular basis. (I’m sure every blogger says that but I do mean something slightly different schedule-wise.)

Although this may not end up being my “regular” blog home either, it’s going to serve as my initial kick-off because I have a digital photo organizing mini-series program I’m excited to launch. And I’ve been talking about re-starting my blogging efforts for far too long. So today — my birthday — is the day!

Granted, it’s probably not the wisest idea to attempt learning a new blogging platform like advanced WordPress from scratch at the same time as you set out to release a daily blog for the next two weeks…but I’m just going for it! I’ll learn a lot along the way so bear with me and be forgiving as this part is uncharted territory. And I’m under deadline! Here we go…who’s with me? Let’s jump in…I hear the water’s warm!



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